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Pickup and Delivery services

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Simply schedule a pickup and gather your clothes.
That's all there is to it!

We look forward to assisting you with all your laundry needs! We use Arm and Hammer with Oxy as our default detergent. We also have Gain and All Free and Clear as upgradable options. You are welcome to provide any supplies of your own if you prefer. We will return them back to you the next day with your clean laundry.

We service different areas throughout the week, and provide next day turnaround service. 
Simply click Schedule a Pickup to get started today!

There is even a discount if you schedule a reoccurring service!

Questions? View our FAQ page for more info.

Have a small business? We service commercial accounts too!
Check out our Commercial page for additional information.


$1.89/lb for one-time pickups

Add Ons .20/lb
$1.79/lb for recurring scheduled pickups
Add ons .10/lb

Wash, Dry, Fold services


  • Gain detergent

  • All Free and Clear detergent

  • Snuggle Fabric Softener

  • Low Dry Only

  • Hang Items ($5 flat fee per order)

Add Ons Include:

Items that are charged individually instead of by weight:

King Comforter - $25.00 

   Queen Comforter - $23.00 

Full Comforter - $21.00 

Twin Comforter - $19.00
Duvet Cover - $21.00 

Blanket/Throw $12.00

Dog Bed Cover - $15.00

*Minimum charge $15

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