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Image by Johnstons of Elgin

My Laundry Fairy not only processes residential wash, dry and fold orders, but we also process commercial laundry as well!
Towels? Sheets? Linens? Uniforms? We can help!
We have multiple machines that can launder up to
100 pounds of laundry at a time.

While we can't help you find an employee, we can help save their time so they can focus on your customers instead of the mundane task of laundry!
Why not o
Contact us today for a personal quote. 

We service hotels, AirBnB, VRBO, Bed & Breakfast, vet clinics, vet hospitals, church and banquet halls, country clubs, catering events, restaurants, bars, doctor offices, dentist offices, ultrasound clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, spas, gyms, health and fitness clubs, tanning salons, massage therapists, hair salons, barber shops, beauty salons, and more!



Ultrasound Clinics

Banquet Halls

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