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Where we help you choose #FamilyOverLaundry

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Are you tired of spending more time doing your family's laundry for them, instead of getting it dirty with them? If so, you are not alone! 

Years ago,  I realized that doing laundry was consuming so many hours of my time each week. The washing, the drying, and of course, the most dreadful part. . . ALL THE FOLDING!  (Yes, I would also restart my dryer over and over again to keep the clothes from having wrinkles every time I forgot and left them in there).
That's when My Laundry Fairy was born!

Our family has been in the local laundry business for over a decade. I have access to well over 200 huge washers and dryers, at three different professionally maintained facilities, that were already processing self-service, as well as walk-in wash, dry & fold orders. 

One day, I thought to myself, "I have the means to not only allow myself to have more family time, but to also help others with their laundry needs to also allow them more family time!"


So, about three years ago, I started working with our long-term laundry attendants to expand out with drivers, delivery vehicles and an entire new software system to seamlessly offer our services to other families.
So now, you too have the opportunity to say, "I'm going to call MY Laundry Fairy, so I can have more time with MY family!"
Because our ultimate goal is to help you choose #FamilyOverLaundry









Have your own locally owned business that is consuming your family time?
My Laundry Fairy can help with that also!
Contact us today to get a personalized commercial laundry quote so you can free up your time and focus on your customers and life outside of work!


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